Amigurumi Pepa Clown Free Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Followers
Today we share Amigurumi Pepa Clown Free Pattern for you. As you know we share new free amigurumi pattern every day. The main crochets are gazelle, amigurumi bear, pola, crochet panda, penguin, giraffe, llama, pig, bunny, clown, lamb, bee, crochet unicorn, amigurumi doll, fox, penguin, dinosaur, crochet elephant, hippo, monkey, crochet cat, crochet dog and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Amigurumi Pepa Clown.
I want to give you some informations about this amigurumi free pattern ; Pepa Clown.


  • Hebra de diferentes colores, puedes combinar los que quieras
  • Crochet acorde con el grosor de la lana. 
  • Fieltro rosa.
  • Ojos de seguridad. 
  • Relleno. 
  • Pegamento de tela o silicona. 
  • Aguja lanera y tijeras. 
  • Para hacer el pelo rizado: lana de diferentes colores, palitos de madera (los de los pinchitos o brochetas), spray con agua, y un horno. 
  • Thread of different colors, you can combine as you like
  • Crochet according to the thickness of the wool.
  • Pink felt.
  • Safety eyes.
  • Stuffed.
  • Fabric glue or silicone.
  • Wool needle and scissors.
  • For curly hair: wool of different colors, wooden sticks (those of kebabs or skewered), spray with water, and an oven.
Amigurumi Pepa Clown Free Pattern


  • m.r.: magic ring
  • ch: chain stitch
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • sc: single stitch. 
  • hdc: half double crochet. 
  • dc: double crochet. 
  • inc.: increase. 
  • dec.: decrease. 
  • *…*: repeat what is between the asterisks across the back.
  • (nsc, n inc) xN: repeat what is inside the parentheses N times. Ex .: (2sc, 1inc) x5, repeated 5 times (2sc, 1aum).
  • Rnd.: round

Amigurumi Pepa Clown Free Pattern


Whit white yarn: 
Rnd1: 6sc in  mg
Rnd2: 6inc (12)
Rnd3: *1sc, 1inc* (18)
Rnd4: *2sc, 1inc* (24)
Rnd5: *3sc, 1inc* (30)
Rnd6: *4sc, 1inc* (36)
Rnd7: *5sc, 1inc* (42)
Rnd8-13: 42sc around. 
Rnd14: *5sc, 1dec* (36)
Rnd15: *4sc, 1dec* (30)
Rnd16: *3sc, 1dec* (24)
Rnd17: *2sc, 1dec* (18)
Eye safety place into round 11-12, with 6 sc apart.
Rnd18: *1sc, 1dec* (12)
Rnd19: dec up close. 
Fasten off. 


Whit mallow yarn: 
Rnd1: 6sc in  mg
Rnd2: 6inc (12)
Rnd3: *1sc, 1inc* (18)
Rnd4: *2sc, 1inc* (24)
Rnd5: *3sc, 1inc* (30)
Rnd6: *4sc, 1inc* (36)
Rnd7-10: 36sc around
Rnd11: *4sc, 1dec* (30)
Rnd12-13: 30sc around
Rnd14: *3sc, 1dec* (24)
Rnd15-16: 24sc around
Rnd17: *2sc, 1dec*(18)
Rnd18-19: 18sc around
Rnd20: *1sc, 1dec* (12)
Rnd21: 12sc around. 
Fasten off.
Leave a long tail to sew the head.

Costume Neck:

Knit row.
We start with 17 ch, and continue: 
Rnd1: 1sc in the 2th ch from the crochet, 15sc, 1ch and turn. 
Rnd2: 1inc, 14sc, 1inc, 1ch and turn. 
Rnd3: *2sc, 1inc* (24)
Rnd4: *2ch, skip 2sc, 1sc* (repeat around)
Rnd5: 2ch, 5dc in the space of ch from previous round, sl st in the next sc, *6dc in the space of ch, sl st* (repeat). 
Fasten off.
Leave a long tail to sew the head. 

Arms (x2):

Whit mallow yarn:
Rnd1: 5sc in mr
Rnd2: 5inc (10)
Rnd3: *1sc, 1inc* (15)
Rnd4-6: 15sc around.
Rnd7: *1sc, 1dec* (10)
Rnd8-20: 10scFasten off.
Leave a long tail to sew the body.

Shoes (x2): 

We are going to knit as being booties. You start with a ch and continue weaving spiral.
We start with 11 ch, and continue:
Rnd1: 1sc in the 2th ch from the crochet, 9sc, 2inc in the next ch, 8sc, 1inc.
Rnd2: 1inc, 9sc, 3inc, 9sc, 1inc.
Rnd3: 2inc, 10sc, 4inc, 10sc, 2inc.
Rnd4: 3inc, 5sc, 3hdc, 3dc, 1inc of dc, 4dc, 1inc of dc, 5dc, 3hdc, 7sc.
Rnd5: 41sc to back loops only.
Rnd6: 41sc around.
Rnd7: 3dec, 10sc, 2hdc, 10dc, 2hdc, 9sc, 1dec.
Rnd8: 2dec, 7sc, 2hdc, 7dec, 2hdc, 8sc.
Rnd9: 6sc, 1ch and 1sc join with the 5th sc counting from the marker (beginning of the round) back and continue with 6sc.
Rnd10: 6sc, 1sc in ch binding of previous round, 6sc.
Rnd11-12: 13sc around.
Fasten off. Stuffing.
Now let’s do the piece that will sock, to plug the gap left shoe. We make two parts, to each of the shoes:

Rnd1: 1sc in the 2th ch from the crochet, 5sc, 1ch and turn.
Rnd2-9: 6sc, 1ch and turn.
Fasten off. Leave a long tail to sew the shoes.

Look at the pictures if you do not clear how the rnd9 and next.

 Legs (x2): 

The yarn hooked by the back loop of a sc on the last round of the shoes (Rnd12):
Rnd1: 13sc in back loops.
Rnd2-17: 13sc around.
Fasten off.
Leave a long tail to sew the body.

Hair! the nightmare and the most tedious part of any doll. Personally, I hate to put her hair. So for this Pepa I decided not to eat much the head, and make it easier to be (at least so far). I’ve done it in two parts:

  1. We cut yarns of different colors, and we’ll head sewing them to more or less from the center of the head back. The bangs do the same, going forward sewing yarns, until we remain well furnished.
  2. For curls: roll up strands of colored sticks or skewers, sprinkle with a spray of water, they are well wet, and put in the oven at 100ºC for 1 hour. The remove and let cool. And we have our curls!. Now we cut and sewn to the sides of the head. I was sewing the 3 by 3.


Whit black yarn: 
Rnd1: 6sc in mr
Rnd2: 6inc (12)
Rnd3: *1sc, 1inc* (18)
Rnd4: *2sc, 1inc* (24)
Rnd5: 1sc, 1inc (3sc, 1inc)x5, 2sc (30)
Rnd6: 30sc in back loops.
Rnd7-13: 30sc around. 
Rnd14: *3sc, 1dec* (24)
Rnd15-18: 24sc around. 
Rnd19: 24sc in front loops. 
Rnd20: *3sc, 1inc* (30)
Rnd21: 2sc, 1inc, (4sc, 1inc)x5, 2sc (36)
Rnd22: *5sc, 1inc* (42)
Rnd23: 3pb, 1inc, (6sc, 1inc)x5, 3sc (48)
Rnd24: 1sc, 1inc (7sc, 1inc)x5, 6sc (54)
Fasten off.
Leave a long tail to sew the head.